October 2018 Tokyo Day #3

During the planning of this trip both my daughter and I am aware that Tsukiji market will be closing and so we wanted to experience it at least once. Not the auction but rather eating there 🙂

When we arrived we thought the queue was short (second store from right) but realized later that those other people lined up we thought was for the first store were all lining up for the same store.


This is where we want to eat.


This is the queue

Took some photos while waiting

Click here for details of our Tsukiji eating experience

After eating, we explored a bit …

Anybody knows what these are? Are they peanuts? I included my lens cap for size reference & a closeup for those that can read.

Is this head of a tuna?

After a few minutes we headed to the train station on the way to Akihabara


I used to see Akihabara in animes that I watch.

Our main objective is to fine where Akiba Owl Cafe is located. We have already made reservations and paid so we don’t want to miss the appointment. We were really early so we have time for a leisurely walk and taking photos.

Is this a ‘maid’ cafe?


Onwards …

I wonder if it serves the same food or if our local version is affiliated with this one?


For gundam fans…


We chanced upon the mario kart driving group. I originally wanted to try this but I felt it was too much trouble and my daughter can’t drive yet so crossed it out of the things to do.

We knew and felt we were in the right place when we saw this landmark mentioned in the guide how to go to the akiba owl cafe.

How about a pigeon first?

We arrived/found the place before 12noon. Our reservation was around 1pm.

We decided to have some coffee/tea in a nearby Family Mart.

We got back around 1pm. Just like the day before, there was some rain again today.


Click here for Akiba Owl Cafe details

Next destination is Ichiran Ramen. On the way, we saw this. Anyone who knows what anime this is?


Some more Akihabara photos…

Waiting for the train to arrive…


There was some samurai display at the station near Ichiran Ramen

Upon getting out of the building, just look at your right and you’ll see Ichiran Ramen.

Click for details of our Ichiran Ramen Eating Experience

This is the station where we saw the samurai display and is near Ichiran Ramen.

Next destination is Sensoji Temple


Walking in the rain again…

Lo and behold, the second time for the day to chance upon Mario Kart!

I wonder how much it costs to ride these? Anyone who knows? Anyone who rode?

It was still raining when we arrived at Sensoji Temple. Quite difficult to take photos in the rain…

By 5pm we are on our way to Asakusa station going to Nakiryu for our ramen dinner. Lots of shop along the way.


Notice the effigy holding an umbrella atop the building. I wonder if the writings give an idea why.


Asakusa Snacks Store?


This one is a giveaway. We would have tried something only available here in Tokyo but we didn’t want to ruin our appetite for our ramen meal.


Looks nice with the lighting in the dark…


Asakusa Station

After several minutes walk, we at last found Nakiryu Ramen. It is located in a dark area. There were 2 queues. One right beside the building. Another across the street. We were in the street queue.

After around 30 minutes waiting time, we were transferred to the queue near the building…

After a few more minutes, we were in at last!

Click here for our Nakiryu Eating Experience Details.

Thankfully the day ended with a very satisfying Ramen meal. We went back to the hotel tired but satisfied. It was another 20 thousand plus steps day.

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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