October 2018 Tokyo Day 3 – Nakiryu

My daughter and I both like ramen and we wanted to try a few Michelin rated ramen places in Tokyo. Nakiryu is one of those we wanted to try.

Getting to this place during the night requires navigating some dimly lit alleys and streets so it will be better if you’re with a companion or in a group.


One advantage of being with others is that you can get to try more than one variety of ramen. There is a one order per customer limit here even if you can consume more.


Nakiryu operating hours?


They have a menu with english translation…


…but you need to correctly choose which button to push on the ordering machine itself which does not have english translation, haha.


The place is quite small and can seat around a dozen at a time.


Eating implemenst and condiments…


My tantanmen order…

My daughter’s order…

So far, Nakiryu’s Tantanmen is my top favorite for tantanmen. It is just ramen, broth & condiments but I love the nutty, creamy flavor of the broth and the cooked just right texture of the ramen.

My daughter’s order has soy-dipped egg, shrimp wonton & grilled pork canton style which was also quite good but I will still pick the simpler tantanmen due to the very flavorful broth.

Definitely worth another visit if we go back to Tokyo. We will most probably order 2 tantanmen & try 1 rice based meal each. Also, we might try going while there is daylight instead of night time 🙂

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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