October 2018 Tokyo Day 3 – Nakaya at Tsukiji

Knowing that Tsukiji market was closing very soon, we wanted to make sure we will be able to eat in one of the food places there before the market is closed for good. (It actually closed the day after we ate I think, but it was during our Tokyo Trip. We even saw a protest group against the closing while on the way to Tsukiji)

This is our target shop to eat at, Nakaya.


When our position in the queue is close enough , we were trying to decide what to order. We wanted something we like and have tried before so there should be some salmon. Then we also wanted to try new things, so we chose sea urchin, fatty tuna and the big fish eggs?


The ones we ended up ordering are #9 and #11. We got fatty tuna, salmon sashimi, sea urchin & the big fish eggs(?)

Unfortunately, one of the staff of the shop kept saying ‘no camera, no pictures’ so I was not able to take photos of the food before we ate 😦

The fatty tuna was way better than the regular tuna sashimi served in PH but I still prefer salmon sashimi. Though the sea urchin and the big fish eggs were not bad, I will still choose salmon sashimi over those two.

The shop is really quite small. I think less than 10 people at a time. The staff not as friendly as you would have expect from a service oriented business. Food preparation seemed leasurely. But my only complaint will be ‘Why no camera/pictures allowed!’ 😦

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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