Noriter Malate, Manila

[2019-Jul-15] My day started wrong. I rode LRT-1 since I was supposed to go to a place near La Salle  and Vito Cruz station is a stone’s throw away only. I somehow ended up getting off at Carriedo and riding LRT-1 again to get back to Vito Cruz station

Good thing I was still the second one to arrive despite my ‘boo-boos’.

When I asked where Noriter is, someone answered “in front of La Salle 2nd floor on top of Tapa King”. Coming from Vito Cruz station the signage of Tapa King is very visible so I didn’t have difficulty looking for it.

I took advantage of the situation by taking pictures of the interiors while there were not many people yet.

I then took a video of the interiors but forgot to take more pictures 😦

Anyway the video of the interior is here (Click here to view).

Upon arrival of the meetup organizer and quick chat with host, the food and drinks started coming out.

Clubhouse Sandwich… was good

Spicy noodles … level of spiciness was just right for me. Noodles seemed similar to the ‘instant ramen’ variety.

Katsu Carbonara (probably 2nd only to the baked rice)… was good and the katsu earned praises from the group.

Katsu Rice … was good too since the katsu has similar quality as the one served with the carbonara.

Beef rice (2 versions, spicy & non-spicy) … both versions were ok for me.

Baked Rice (Top favorite of all?)… These seemed to be the group’s favorite since it ‘disappeared’ quickly. Creamy tasted, rice cooked just right, savory but not too salty/overpowering.

“Group Pic of the Food”…

“Group Pic of the Drinks”… I had the coffee jelly drink. The coffee tasted good but the ‘foam’ doesn’t melt into the drink but rather behaved like a precipitate. Click here for a video of the drinks.


Dessert…Just make sure you get a piece of cheese with every bite to get a balanced sweet-salty taste. It was good specially when eaten while hot.

Though the interiors doesn’t feel premium, it surely feels comfy. It can be a place where a group or individual find their own ‘little corner’ to eat, drink, relax, study or whatever feels comfortable (even write on some of the fixtures!).

The food was quite good specially the top two favorites I mentioned earlier. If ever you are in the area, give this place a try 🙂

Noriter Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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