Cafe Tribu Victoria de Morato, Tomas Morato, QC

[2019-Jul-15] I started my day with a food meet up at Taft (Cafe Noriter) in front of DLSU. Next, I then went to BPI M.H. Del Pilar to pickup a replacement card. My transaction was done within minutes (thankfully) around 2pm. My next event/appointment was scheduled at 6pm so there is still a lot of time but I decided to go to the venue anyway and just wait there until 6pm. I was also told that there was wifi in the venue of the next event w/c is what I need while waiting.

I like coffee so I ordered one I can consume while waiting. I wanted to order a coffee variant with coffee jelly but they were out of coffee jelly so I decided to order a macchiatto instead. I have ordered macchiatto before from other shops and it was too sweet for me so I asked that my order be less sweet.

My macchiatto tasted good for me. Not too sweet as I requested but still had strong coffee taste which I like. It costs me only 100 pesos.

I worked on IG posts of prior food meetups while waiting for the arrival of the others.

When the majority arrived, the one who organized the meetup gave the go signal to start the preparation of the food/drinks to be served to our host.

The food was served quite quickly and those already present did what we usually do which is take pictures and I of course wait until they are done so I can do my ‘thing’ – symmetrical setup with the ‘bato’ (stone) which you can see in the photo above together with my macchiatto.

Some individual food pics…

More group pics …

What I ate pic, haha.


Overall it was a good eating experience. My top 2 favorites would be the Pork Tapa (the portion I got was tender and tasted ok) and the Sausage (the sausage tasted/felt good and premium unlike your regular hotdogs which may taste good but the texture leaves much to be desired) with egg. My portion of the bangus had a sweet taste (maybe it was drenched with atsara liquid on the plate) so I was not able to have a taste of how it should be without the slight sweetness. I prefer my bangus with strong savory (no sweetness) flavors. I like the french toast, not too sweet. The ham and egg was ok but ordinary.

The prices of the items served ranges from a low of 95 (french toast) to a high of 165 (pork tapa). The prices seemed reasonable enough to allow people to eat here regularly.

Did I mention they have wifi and several electical outlets?

Cafe Tribu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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