October 2018 Tokyo Day #4


I am sure this is one day we ate a lot from the unlimited breads buffet. We didn’t have to leave early.

If I were to choose, I wouldn’t have included this in the itinerary. If the past two days were chilly due to rainy weather, this day was sunny and extremely hot. Thinking it will continue to rain, I still wore pants and it added to my suffering.
After the train rides, there was a short walk so took photos again.

The area seemed suitable for jogging.


The official name of the place


That is one hell of a gate you got there!


No queue for getting the admission ticket.


The admission ticket


Map of the area


If you like trees and green, you will get your fill of that here.

If you want a guided tour by a volunteer, you just need to follow the schedule.


They even have an official guide app 🙂


Some old structures and some groups of people…

A piece of green in the midst of the concrete jungle.

A lot of green!

There is even a white koi in the pond!


A small waterfall

Some more greens and old structures

This building looks interesting…


This area seems to be a picnic area or at least allowed to have a picnic on?

The interesting building I mentioned earlier is the Tokagakudo Concert Hall. More details and description in the photo.

This photo will help you have a better perspective of the size of the foundation that remains intact.


Back to the concrete jungle.

While looking for a place to eat we saw this


We ended up eating at Precce Shibuya Deli Market. Click here for details of our Eating experience.


I have posted some similar photos in our eating experience at Ichiran Ramen

This one is from a public comfort room in this small mall.

This even have an option for sounds to help mask what sounds you are making, haha


For those concerned about the cleanliness of the toilet seats, toilet seat cleaner dispenser. You really got to love these conveniences 🙂

My daughter will be meeting an acquaintance/friend and this should qualify as a unique enough landmark, hehe


The famous Shibuya Crossing/area. We also took photos of Hachiko but too many people around at the time.

There is even a mascot among the Shibuya crossing crowd.


Anyone needs a hug?


I took some photos on the way to St. Ignatius Church.


The claws of this crab moves!

A Mister Donut 🙂

A church-like structure on top of a building.

MOA in Japan! haha (For the uninitiated, in the Philippines, MOA is acronym for Mall Of Asia)


My daughter with her acquaintance/friend. Notice the Robot Restaurant sign.

I do not know why an ape effigy is on this building.


Some buildings with idol billboards?

My daughter just had to buy one and try. Her acquaintance/friend told us that it is unusual for the Japanese to eat/drink on the streets.


I wonder what the business of this building is? Can anyone translate?


Uniqlo building. Surprisingly(?) similar inside to those we have in the Philippines.

Is this where our local Isetan (is it still around) got its name?


For those who watched Kimi no na wa, this location should be familiar.


Some pine cones photos…

St. Ignatius signage


St. Ignatius photos before sundown.

Inside the church…

Photos after sundown/mass

Some photos on our way to our ramen dinner

A ramen shop that serves clam broth ramen with a strange/curious sounding name ‘Mugi-to-Olive’. Click for details on our eating experience.


This is our last full day. For our last stop before the hotel, we walked to the nearest Don Ki / Don Quixote discount store.


View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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