October 2018 Tokyo Day #5

Similar to our flight to Tokyo from Manila, my daughter chose convenience over maximizing Tokyo time so basically our first and last days in Tokyo were just half-days at best.

We started the day with a good very filling free unli-breakfast at the hotel.

We then just walk around Ginza near our Hotel.


Smoking is allowed but not while walking? So if you were walking and wanted to smoke you just stop walking where you are and light one up?


Some more photos of the buildings around the area…

I like this photo…


Good to see some trees among the concrete…


Those two cylindrical things are part of a pedestrian overpass.

It was around 9:40am and not too many people or vehicles on the streets.


There are a number of vending machines or convenience stores around. You just need to make sure you have the money in case you need a drink or something 🙂

On the way back to the hotel, we noticed this tower…

Some more green amongst the concrete…

By 12:30pm we were already at the airport.

So we had a lot of time to explore and take pictures…

And also some time to shop…

These displays are really meant to look cute…

It was not too crowded…

And of course, Hello Kitty


These ones look like they would cry…

Last pics of the airport…

Some of the ‘airport purchases’…

Day 5 was the least eventful and less tiring compared to the first four days.

BTW, I am really amazed at the honesty systen here. The wifi device we rented, you just drop it in a box and that’s it! No checking, no nothing!

I wonder where my daughter and I will go next…


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