October 2018 Tokyo Day 4 – Precce Shibuya Deli Market


Though we had a really filling breakfast, the heat and all the walking made us hungry and we just looked for a place to eat near where we were. While browsing this small supermarket looking place, we noticed they also offer food to eat and a place to eat it too.


It is a not so big place and not too many choices but seemed ok enough to try.

There is a free water station near the coffee/tea dispenser if you opted to buy.


My daughter and I chose totally different items so we can maximize variety of food to try.


The procedure is similar to a ‘turo-turo’. Fixed number of carbohydarte,meat,veggies depending on what set you chose.



The food was quite good and was also quite filling. These were the food choices.


In case you happen to be in the area, give this place a try.

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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