Royal Tea Taft, Manila

[2019-May-08] I was not originally part of the group that was supposed to go to this blogger event. Luckily, a slot became available and I was able to join.

The location of Royal Tea is right beside DLSU near the Velasco side. It is on the ground floor of W.H. Taft Tower.


As I walk from Vito Cruz LRT station I can’t help but notice the changes DLSU has undergone even from the view from the street along. It has changed quite a lot though not much more open space.

In the drinks/beverage area, softdrinks used to be king. Then tea started to be noticed in the form of bottled teas. Now, tea is one of the hotly contested/fast growing market. As of today, there are tons of different tea drink brands with wide ranges of offerings and pricing.

Below are some of Royal Tea’s beverage products

And that is not all as can be seen from the menu


Would you like to guess which drink selection series these two lovely ladies just tasted?


Even before Royal Tea’s official opening on May 15 the team that brought this franchise to the Philippines is working hard to provide more variety & value to its customers.

A possible variant not yet on the menu. You can easily guess what fruit was incorporated in this drink đŸ™‚

Group photos with the hosts

BTW, if you are like me trying to be healthy by drinking ‘healthy fruit drinks’, grapefruit is one commonly suggested but it is usually bitter! Try Royal Tea’s grapefruit variants from the Cheezo series or the Fruit tea series. No bitter taste!

Royaltea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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