Pound by Todd English Bago Bantay, QC

[2019-May-04] I was able to go to the pre-opening blogger event of Pound North EDSA via invite from fellow bloggers, two in fact, haha. I was originally scheduled to go at 6pm but opted to go on a much earlier time slot.

I have been to Pound MOA and have tried their dollar menu and also ate there during their ‘pay-as-you-want’ promo.

My daughter and I recently had unli-foie gras at a hotel buffet so when asked what I would like to order, I asked for foie gras burger.

For drinks I just ordered the one which was not ordered by my two tablemates.

After waiting for sometime, the ‘guest of honor’ arrived 🙂

I’ll first mention a possible improvement. For people that would eat this by hand, taking a bite from bun-to-bun, a slightly bigger bun would improve the experience. This is in view of the fact that for me, the best way to eat this is to take a big bite where you get a piece of all the components of this burger. That is the only way you’ll experience the ‘festival’ of flavors this burger can provide.

The burger patty didn’t have any tough bits and was cooked just right. The bun was also ok plus the sauces added seemed just right not overpowering the beef and foie gras.

I also liked the foie gras in this burger better than the foie gras we had at a hotel buffet. Maybe it was the combination of flavors or the way it was cooked or sliced (this was thinner, the ones at the hotel buffet were more of chunks than slices)

Overall I really liked the foie gras burger. It is more expensive than regular burgers but it really does offer something more.

Some other food pics including the ‘dollar menu items’ …

Group pic with the hosts

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View my food journey on Zomato!


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