Siglo Modern Filipino Tagaytay City

[2018-11-20] Siglo Modern Filipino is the first restaurant of a six restaurant food crawl of Tagaytay and Sta. Rosa.

Exterior photos

Interior photos and details

Food served – I hope serving food on succeeding food crawls/meetups be done similar to this. There is a set of food/drinks used for photos and there is a ‘sampler set’ served to each participant that includes all food (and drinks if multiple types/variants) in small size enough to have a good taste. This enables all participants to have a taste of all food/drinks served and eat it while still hot/peak of goodness/freshness.

I asked if the set they served us is part of the menu and I was told I was not. They said they have an existing one but it is not something that a person or two can easily consume. I suggested that it maybe a good idea to have a small sampler like what they served us to allow/encourage people to have a taste of what they offer.

Food and drink served

Adobo Lagitik sa Pinya – it is adobo with pineapple cooked/simmered until the meat sizzles/makes popping sounds hence ‘lagitik’.

Tawilis Malungay Pasta

Inasal Skewers – The veggies are sour (pickled) so if you prefer the sweet chicken taste as is, skip the veggies.

Maruya with Barako Jelly – fried banana with coffee

Uray-mansi – Iced tea

Siglo provided a good start of day meal.


Siglo Modern Filipino Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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