Sha Tin Courtyard Chinese Bistro Banawe , QC

[2019-Sep-20] I was expecting some sort of compound and/or ‘food park’ because of the ‘courtyard’ in the name of this place and did not expect such an imposing facade.

The interiors looked quite good too!

The list of food to be served.


I am one among those whose primary concern/criteria about places to eat (assuming the minimum acceptable standards in service, cleanliness, etc. has been reached) is the taste and texture of food but I am also pleased when I see effort put into making the food look good too.

I thought the issue I will face is similar to what most experience when going to unlimited buffet places, which ones do I try first.  It turned out that that was not an issue because the choices were limited to what food was put on whose table. Not everyone had a choice which dishes to try.


This is one of the sets I was able to try for the first wave of food served at our table. There were more food served but it came in trickles so I  didn’t have the luxury of filling up a plate and taking a photo anymore. Of the dishes I was able to try, there is one that I probably just prefer cooked differently, I prefer my fried intestine to be more cooked/crispy with less ‘intestine-taste’.

Some of the other food served.

There was certainly a lot of variety  in terms of food served but not everyone got to try what they wanted. In my case, I liked all of the dishes I was able to try, except those with strong wansoy taste (I do not like wansoy) and the fried intestine. Overall it was an ‘ok’ experience but it would have been great if managed better.

Group pic


Sha Tin Courtyard Chinese Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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