Cosplay Mania 2019

[2019-Sep-29] Cosplay Mania poster photo is from the event site and the rights belong to the owners.

I like anime. I am currently watching Boruto, One  Piece, Ace of Diamond Act II, Black Clover, Fruits Basket and a lot more. There were times I noticed people in anime costumes walking in  the malls or in the parking lot on the way to a venue. There was I time I posted a PR material from an organizer & I was provided with tickets but I didn’t go in the end because the venue is a bit too far.

Cosplay Mania 2019’s venue is SMX MOA so it is walking distance for me. If you wanted to take photos of the cosplayers for this event you need to pay to get inside. Only ticket holders are allowed to be in the hallways leading to the Function Halls. If you dont pay for a ticket, the only way for you to take photos would be to wait at the entrance/exit and hope that someone in costume walks by.

To be continued…





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