October 2018 Tokyo Day #1

I am not really into travel much, so on this 5 days 4 nights trip I am just ‘the companion’. My daughter planned and made the itinerary and I just handled the financial side like making sure we have enough Yen & my credit/debit cards will be accepted when I use them in Tokyo. And of course paying via credit card those that were purchased online like airline tickets, wifi device rental, etc.

Upon arrival in Haneda airport, we got Pasmo cards, the JR passes and picked-up the wifi device we rented.

We took the monorail and train to Ginza where our hotel was located. Upon arrival at the hotel, I was surprised that we have to pay for the entire stay upon check-in. I initially gave my BPI credit card but for whatever reason it didn’t work. I even had to fillup a form at BPI Ayala to make sure using it out of the country won’t be an issue. Thankfully my BDO credit card worked fine.

We just rested and freshened up a bit then went out to experience the supposed highlight of the day, the big ferriswheel ride and to make the most of what remains of the day.


From the hotel, we walked to the nearest station and started the trip to our first destination.

We then then walked underground to the next station.

On the last station, we took some photos before proceeding to our destination.

First destinations: Palette Town, Venusfort, Toyota City.

And of course, the primary target for the day, the big ferriswheel.

Click here for Toyota City details

After exploring Toyota City, we proceeded to walk towards the big ferriswheel.


Then bam! The big disappointment


As we walk back to Toyota City, we chanced upon a crowd for a show/concert or something

We explored Toyota City some more and even played some games.

We checked our bearings…


… then onto VenusFort

Click here for VenusFort details

We then proceeded to Odaiba to purchase our DisneySea tickets for the following day.

There is even a statue of liberty here though a bit far so my 18-200 cheap lense was quite convenient to have.

Onwards to the Disney shop in Aqua City

Some more photos of the area.

Then we went back to Ginza and bought some ‘cheap’ food from the convenience stores nearby.

As we were preparing to go to bed, we then noticed the free-to-use phone with unli-wifi that is bundled.


Though the main objective of the day was a failure, it was still a good day.

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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