October 2018 Tokyo Day 1 – Toyota City

During the making of the itinerary, my daughter and I barely took notice of Toyota City. There was a time that I used to tinker with the engine of my car. Take out, disassemble and clean the carburator. Replace the carbon leads of the alternator and other similar small stuff, but I was never a gearhead.


But I am, and I guess I will always be a geek and the geek in me enjoyed Toyota City. The ‘naked’ engines and cars are not something you see anywhere.

And seeing the FV2 & FCV Plus up close is a treat.

If you are into cars/engines or you still have your inner geek in you, this a definitely a place to visit. If you are early enough, you may even get to drive a car here!

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View my food journey on Zomato!


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