Trini Yoga PH Pasay

[2019-Jan-20] My closest encounter with yoga was when my daughter had yoga as her PE in college. There was a time she continued to do some yoga at home. I used to wonder why she said she sweats a lot when doing yoga. Now I wonder no more courtesy of Trini Yoga PH  and Rence Chan

I have seen a number of free Yoga sessions offer and am curious but never really had any motivation to go and actually try. When Rench was organizing a Trini Yoga PH Blogger event, I decided to join.

The venue was only a few kilometers away so I decided to just walk. Upon arrival, I was informed by Rench that there would be some giveaways so while waiting for others to arrive, I did what I usually do, do a flatlay and take photos 🙂

After most bloggers have arrived, the sessions started. We did three different types/sessions of yoga; 30 minutes of Vinyasa Class, 15 minutes Yin, 30 minutes Sound Bath Meditation. Google can provide much better definitions one what each of those mean so I will skip the definitions and focus on the experience.

The first few ‘poses/forms’ were quite ‘easy’ so the question in my mind ‘how yoga can make you sweat’ was still there. The question was answered somewhere between the first 2 sessions when I started to sweat, hehe. I was one of those that were thankful for the third session which I will describe as ‘lay back, close your eyes, relax and listen to the sound of the gong/surroundings’. I enjoyed the experience and am still trying to figure out when I can/should use the one month free session voucher 🙂

We had some drinks and snacks after the sessions and of course, group photos 🙂

Trini Yoga PH Location and contact details:

Sunset View Tower, Unit 401 – 2230 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
Pasay City, Philippines

0917 563 4985

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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