Nara Thai Ortigas Mandaluyong

[2019-02-19] My usual apprehension when eating in an asian restaurant is not if the food are too spicy but if any of the dishes would have a strong wansoy flavor. I do not mind if the dish has wansoy as long as I don’t or can’t taste it on the dishes. Thankfully, all the dishes passed the ‘no-wansoy test’, haha.

My top favorite among the dishes served is definitely the deep fried prawn pancake. I can probably eat 2-3 by myself. If you like the taste of plum, it is served with plum sauce. I’ll probably finish the first without the sauce, the second with sauce then no sauce again for the third, haha. BTW there were bits of wansoy in this dish as can be seen in the photos but can be easily taken out, hehe

The first runner-up is the pomelo salad

The second runner-up is the prawns in yellow curry.

I normally do not like tom yum soup due to the strong flavors but I like Nara Thai’s version with coconut milk. The strong flavors were made subtle by the coconut milk. I think I consumed more of the soup that was served than anyone else. Again, I removed that little piece of wansoy.
It may not have anything to do with taste but I like the Nara Thai logo on the young coconut drink I ordered. I also liked that the coconut is indeed young with the ‘mala-uhog’ (sorry for the term, haha) soft coconut meat.
The new mussel dish can be off-putting or refreshing depending on someone’s preference. It tastes quite different from what most people are used to.

The rest of the dishes including the desserts were ok. I normally do not eat rice or dry noodles (I prefer noodles with soup or even just soup) so unless it is something beyond ordinary, it will always be just ok.
I also am not a dessert person so though the 2 desserts were ok with me (not too sweet), there was nothing extraordinary.

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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