Breakfast Bum Taft Manila

[2019-01-03] This is one of the stops in the ‘Taft Eats’ vlog of a foodie friend. I met up with him after going to my bank branch to pickup my ARC card.


When we asked what the best seller is for this place, one of the items mentioned was the porterhouse steak. The ‘steak’ was quite thin and although we requested it to be cooked medium it was almost well done. The rice that came with the meal had tough rice bits almost to the point of making it inedible. While cooking is being done, the whole place became covered with the smoke. It seems the exhaust setup is not yet done or insufficient.

We noticed some people ordering milk tea. It made us curious so so we ordered one. For 45 pesos, it is worth the price. Not too sweet so I like it.


This is probably the nicest place among those that we tried for today. It even has its own comfort room which was very clean, looks and smells nice too. We probably should have chosen a menu item other than the porterhouse steak. I might go back to try some of their menu items that seems worth trying.

For the ‘Taft Eats’ vlog click -> Taft Eats

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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