Chef Jessie’s Place Makati

[2018-12-08] The date is a special one for Catholics specially Marian devotees. This is probably the reason why the blessing pushed through even if the building is not yet 100% finished. Once finished, the building will house the once distributed ‘working areas’ in one roof. The building will also house a restaurant, function rooms and a chapel. The potential issue of parking is hoped to be resolved by acquiring a lot near the building.

I arrived early enough to catch part of the blessing, coin tossing activities.

Cardinal Tagle

The brunch was quite packed with people so the usual picture taking before eating was quite minimal to say the least.

My first plate

One of the brunch desserts

Some of the buffet spread for the 3pm ‘Tea Time’ batch. I was supposed to be there only for the brunch but ended up coming back for tea time (albeit a little late) & dinner hence the tea time & dinner photos 🙂

Some of the buffet spread for the 6pm dinner batch

Some photos of the chapel

Click the link for more information and updates on Chef Jessie Restaurants


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