Bench Café Greenbelt 3 Makati

[2018-12-14] The branch is still ‘under construction’ specially the façade and parts of the dining area (from what I can see). We arrived late coming from another meetup at the other end of the MRT. It took around 3 hours travel time. It was also raining so I totally missed my usual photo routine and do not have quite a number of photos I normally would have 😦

My top three among those I was able to try. I am not sure of the ‘official names’ of the dishes but just used the usual more common names.

Gising-gising – Bench’s version is a combination of winged beans and strings beans. I like both vegetable and I like spicy ginataan so I liked it. The veggies still had a crunch which is what I normally prefer.

Pork sinigang with apple – The pork specially the fat is tender. The sourness is probably way below sinigang ‘afficionados’ like but it is ok for me. Those expecting apple taste from the soup will be disappointed unless they eat the apple piece with the soup.

Pancit Longanisa – I actually prefer the taste of the pansit sisig but I like my sisig soft & crispy (some sisig bits were hard to chew) so I chose the pancit with sweet longanisa. I like both garlic & sweet longanisa (just the right level of sweetness) so the sweet-salty combination of this dish is ok with me.

The rest of the food were ok at best.


Of the two desserts served, I prefer the banana with chocnut ‘dip’. I am not a dessert person so I removed the caramelized sugar coating the banana before dipping and eating it.

Click the first Zomato link below (with rating and votes) for more photos 🙂
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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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