Kahoy World Boni Avenue Mandaluyong

[2018-12-15] The person who invited us for the food meetup mentioned we will/may also be visiting a shop. I asked him what kind of shop it is and he replied ‘just wait and see’.

The shop is owned by Kyle Gianan aka KrazyKyle. For more details about his shop click on KahoyWorldBeds. Some more photos inside his shop

Some signages worth reading if you are a potential customer

Then I notice some things on display that does not seem to have anything to do with wood (to say the least)

Kyle then invited us to go see his home. The outside provides a preview of what would/could be on the inside.

And it was plenty enough for me. This is from the first floor

This is from the second floor. Anyone recognizes the basketball uniform? Do you know who owned it originally?

Some rare burger joint items

I enjoyed meeting the collector and seeing the collection. It was a nice experience. Different from my usual food related meetups but also fills up something inside 🙂

Thank you Kyle for your hospitality.



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