CNN QuizNite at Greenfield Weekend Market with Unli drinks by Bar 1834 of Ginebra San Miguel

[2018-12-15] After a food meetup and a visit to Kyle’s shop & home, having some fun, food and drinks with friends would be a good way to end the day.


My friends who were supposed to participate in the game were late but thankfully were able to arrive just in time before the game started.


The game was not only a Q & A game but also included some ‘skills’ contest.


Our team managed to win one of the three ‘skills’ games


But I believe everyone enjoyed all of the games, specially the one where you have to drink a cocktail from Bar 1834 by Ginebra San Miguel.

The teams, ranking is counterclockwise starting with the largest photo to the smaller ones

The second and third places were hotly contested between these two teams.

Unfortunately, our team lost the tie-breaker. The question was about boxing, by the way.

The winners for the best dressed for the night. The female winner was from our group, yey!

The final group photos for the night, after several cocktails from Bar 1834.

We enjoyed the unli-cocktails served by Bar 1834 and the QuizNite. Here’s hoping for a next time 🙂


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