Black Sheep Coffee Mall of Asia Complex Pasay

[2018-11-29] After a pleasant dining experience at a Japanese ramen place in BGC, I felt like having coffee would be nice way to end the day so I asked a fellow foodie who also lives in Pasay to have some coffee at Black Sheep using Zomato Gold 2+2 on drinks.

We ordered Espresso Martini & Vietnamese Iced Cold Brew. I have tried coffee with alcohol (aside from my daily coffee with coffee liquor) at a restaurant in Alabang and I liked it so the Espresso Martini is a must try for me. It was almost too sweet for me. It would like it better if it will be less sweet though it was ok as it is.

I asked for a recommendation for the other drink and that choice was the Vietnamese Iced Cold Brew. I normally order a hot latte or cappuccino and this was my first time to try out a cold brew. I liked it and wouldn’t mind ordering it again.

BTW, they provide free pop corn here. I haven’t asked what the requirement is for the free pop corn nor the number of servings that can be served.

Some improvements maybe needed on the service because we needed to ask for the Vietnamese Iced Cold Brew twice before it was served. Also they should improve their system for accepting credit cards. I had both Visa & Mastercard and both were not able to go thru. Anyway, despite some negatives, I will definitely come back to try out their other offerings.

Click the link on the first Zomato link below (with rating and votes) for more photos 🙂
Black Sheep Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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