Sambo Kojin Greenhills, San Juan City

[2018-11-24] The last time I ate here was a few years ago. I did not enjoy the experience so I haven’t been back until now. A group of ‘foodies’ chose to have an early x-mas party here hoping to allow more people to participate.

One good thing about this branch is that if the parking in front of the restaurant is full, they have ‘free’ valet parking. I normally do not drive and normally just commute but I thought of bringing my car because of the relative ‘ease’ of parking here but decided later that I do not want the hassles of driving in traffic and will tolerate the usual hassles of commuting instead. The result was I arrived an hour late so I was not able to take much photos of the place.

There have been improvements from what I remember but some not so good things still remain. The sashimi seemed not as fresh as it can be. The presentation leaves much to be desired.

The group I am with at the table seemed to love the food and I just shared/ate what they were cooking (during their second wind eating binge) and those were ok at the very least. I could hazard a guess that they enjoyed those that they got again 🙂

A fellow foodie passed a plate of ready-to-eat food to our table and those were what I ate first. The ready to eat food are ok at best. It was the same years ago.

My experience this day at Sambokojin was definitely better than before but not for the improvements Sambokojin has made but because of the people I was with.

It would help a lot if the servers will sport a smile rather than a dead pan / almost a frown expression. I know they have been patient with our boisterous group but it will improve the mood/atmosphere for both sides if they do.

BTW, I have almost always preferred restaurants where no cooking is needed to be done by customers and my ratings/assessments are always based on MY preferences/likes/dislikes.

Sambo Kojin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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