BTW Fil-Mex Kitchen Tomas Morato Q.C.

[2018-11-22] After a stopover and a chance meeting/short chat with a college buddy at a Starbucks nearby, he dropped me off at the restaurant before proceeding to his meeting. The restaurant’s location is a bit separated/away from the cluster of buildings/restaurants/cafes/etc. that services the offices/workplaces in the area. There is no officially sanctioned parking area on the road where it is located but there are places/establishments nearby where you can park and walk to this place.

My top 3 favorites among the food served would be :

Sausage Rice – I like the sausage flavor and texture. Not too salty so you can eat it as-is without rice or bread nor dip and still enjoy it. If you want rice with it, you will not be disappointed with the HUGE rice serving it comes together with.

Cheese Puffs – Mild subtle flavors. I like it as-is but can be improved by having variants with added flavors/ingredients inside the cheese filling. I said variants because I like the current version as it is but I would like to also be able to take a bite and have both the mild cheese flavor with the strong sausage flavor for example (exactly the same but with a slice of sausage inside the cheese) rather than take a bite of the sausage and puff separately.

Carbonara – I probably liked this, aside from it tasting good, because it seems the odd one out dish among those that were served. Its flavors provided a nice contrast to the other food that were served. One possible complaint is that this is puny compared to the rice bowls 🙂

I also like the rest of the food served but it can be improve by adding flavors that will make them distinct from each other (specifically the Wraps and Quesadillas). As it is, the tastes/textures are very similar.

BTW Fil-Mex Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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