Kos Greek Ouzeri Diliman Q.C.

[2018-11-07] Koz is one of those restaurants that take pride in serving cuisine that is ‘authentic’. In this particular case, authentic Greek Cuisine. I am a ‘simple’ eater. I wouldn’t know if a dish is authentic Greek, Italian, or even Filipino and any other. For now, what matters to me is if I like the dish. I may ‘modify’ the dish a little like not using bell pepper based dips or avoiding to get cilantro/wansuy when a dish is garnished with it so it will have a better chance of me liking it.

Of the dishes I was able to try the following are my top favorites:

Moussaka – potato and eggplant in layers with minced meat and bechamel. Mild creamy flavors. If you were not told, you wouldn’t know you were eating eggplant.

Avgolemono – traditional chicken soup with orzo pasta flavored with egg and lemon. It was thick and creamy with a sour lemon taste but fortunately not too sour for me.


Kos Salata – mixed greens with sundried tomatoes, dried figs, nuts, grapes and cheese.

The rest of the food was ok. Keftedakia (a bit dry if not eaten with the dip), Mezedes (I like eating the thin crispy bread with the dips), Solomos (no unpleasant fishy taste), Kotopoulo & Chicken Souvlaki (tender meat with mild flavor), Baklava (sweetest of the desserts but not too much), Loukoumades (soft & chewy) & Galaktoboureko (just right level of sweetness)

Some imported ingredient containers

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