Leann’s Tea House Tomas Morato Q.C.

[2018-09-22] Upon hearing the restaurant’s name, what immediately comes to mind is Chinese food. A number of Chinese restaurants have ”Tea House’ as part of their name.

Upon arrival, it immediately becomes clear that it is not. The Korean characters & the “Korean Restaurant” on the restaurant signage makes sure of that.

The heat source for cooking here is not from LPG or other petroleum based fuel but a more natural one.

I have eaten at another restaurant with a similar heat source and my experience was not good. Fortunately, the setup here seemed better.

There are not only  raw meat to be cooked…

but also a number of ready to eat food.

Among the ready to eat the two that seemed to have gotten the most attention were the ones with lots of cheese.

When we were ordering drinks, we were told that the red ginseng tea maybe an acquired taste. I became curious so I chose it as my drink. It may indeed be an acquired taste but I sort of like it together with at least one other who also tried it.


Overall it was a pleasant dining experience, both the ready to eat and the need to be cooked food were good, the veggies crunchy & fresh.


Oh, by the way, if you brought a vehicle, there are very limited slots in front of the restaurant but the guard on duty is ready to provide assistance in finding a place to park.

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