Chaplin Café Israeli Poblacion Makati

[2018-11-09] I have eaten & drunk at a number of places in Poblacion but have never been to Century mall. This is my first time to go to Century Mall and of course first time also to go to  Chaplin.

The “Israeli” part of the restaurant’s name was intended to make clear what it offers potential diners/drinkers (I love the Mojito Tel Aviv). For those like me who does not like cilantro/wansuy, request that none be sprinkled/mixed/etc. so you do not have to take it out when served.

My favorites among those served:

Pizza Burekas – Puff pastry filled with pomodoro sauce mozzarella and feta cheese. Deliciously mild flavors that goes well with each other.

Deep Fried Cauliflower – drizzled with honey vinaigrette, chilli flakes and tahini. Again it would have been better if there were more crunch left to the veggie but I still like it as it is.

Hummus – Israeli Flag Dish. Served with fried chili, cooked chick peas, olive oil and 2 laffa bread and shawarma (additional) – I had to avoid the cilantro/wansuy used to garnish the dish but other than that I liked the mild creamy flavors of this dish.

The rest of the food served (bagel toast, hot eggplant salad, chicken shashlik, lamb kebab, lamb burekas, etc.) were also good but I were to order only an item or two dishes, it will be from the three above

Oh, I almost forgot my favorite drink served that day, the Mojito Tel Aviv. It is better drunk with the frothy cream on top with cocktail on the bottom. Trying to balance the mix the way you best like it while drinking can be a challenge but one that is rewarding. Some may just mix the two together before drinking it but that takes away some of the adventures/surprises that unpredictability provides.

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