Sea To Table White Plains Q.C.

[2018-11-08] Sea To Table originated from Fishmongers Daily Catch ( In July of this year, from offering ‘freshly catched seafood’ via Fishmongers Daily Catch, Sea To Table started to offer ‘freshly cooked seafood’. Their existing space originally used exclusively by Fishmongers Daily Catch now has some space for sit down dining.

There is a process to be followed when ordering seafood bags both for onsite and for delivery.


We tasted some of the menu items:

First are the ‘Shrimp Gambas’ which is my favorite shrimp dish for the day since no peeling required just-pop-in-your-mouth convenience 🙂 Aside from being tasty, it also had mushrooms

Second are the bagged whole shrimps variants. If I were not taking pictures, these would be my favorites. I love to savor the fat from shrimp heads. Whole shrimps are best eaten by hand that is why they provide plastic gloves for those eating on site.

Third are the chicken wings. Chicken wings? Well, in case there are no catch of the day/seafood available, chicken wings will always be there.

Last is something that I recommend to those that doesn’t like ‘fish flavors’. These are the ‘White Salmon’ variants. I am not a fan of almost all cooked pink salmon dishes (I prefer salmon sashimi) but I liked these.

The 3 flavor variants are distinct enough to warrant ordering one of each. These shrimp, white salmon & chicken wing items filled all present with satisfaction and no one left hungry.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gel Jose says:

    Seafood lovers would find this place heaven sent…


  2. Jen says:

    One of the best FMUs ever! Super sarap lahat!


  3. Gel Jose says:

    Seafood lovers would find this place heaven sent. 🙂


  4. Gel Jose says:

    A real treat for seafood lovers!


  5. kayelyn says:

    Wow the seafood menu is actually cheaper than other restos offering the same type of service


  6. Athley says:

    Yummm! Food looks so appetizing!


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