Charlies’s Grind & Grill Kapitolyo Pasig

[2018-Sep-11] It was my first time going to this restaurant. I actually passed by the restaurant since their signage was nearer to the car wash area and needed to ask where it is, he he he.


There are tables and chair in a roofed  area but there are more seats in an airconditioned room further inside.


They have wifi but the system used requires consumable codes and when I asked for one ‘ubos na po sir’ was the answer I got. Not a biggie but if you advertise free wifi as part of the service it is much better if you are really able to provide it

While waiting for the new rice meals to be ready, we ate quite a lot already. The burger was beefy with minimal tough bits. The onion rings were lightly flavored with something that (I like (with cumin I think). Spicy chicken wings will require a drink ready in case it is too spicy for you. Spicy food lovers will be delighted with the spicy pasta. The fries must be eaten as quickly as you can before it gets soggy as all fries do when left too long. The fish and chips is your typical whole fillet variety.


The new rice meals : Sticky Pork, Salpicao, Soy Chicken & Burger Steak. I prefer the egg to be still runny (as some of those in the photo) and then mix it up and use as a dip as is or with ketchup &/or mayo depending on what I am eating it with.


My wife & daughter always bugs me to have the car washed. They wouldn’t have to tell me if there is a place like this near our place. If you viewed the first set of pictures/collage, I am sure you noticed they serve alcoholic beverages 🙂


Charlie's Grind & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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