Porking Zone Mandaluyong


Porking Zone is a neighborhood restaurant in Mandaluyong. Kopi Zone.PH is inside.

I had the Vanilla Latte. The coffee was a bit weak for me but was told they offer very reasonably priced double to triple shots but unfortunately it was not on the menu. So if you prefer strong coffee flavors, ask for at least a double.

The street food platter is standard fare. 3 varieties. Goes well with the sauce.

Very flavorful and goes well with rice is how I will describe their Mushroom Salpicao.

Their version of Tokwa’t consist of ‘big’ chunks with the pork having more meat than fat. I would like it better if sliced smaller and with more soft fat (I like soft pork fat, haha )

Squid is tricky to cook but their Sizzling Pusit was cooked just right. The squid is soft and not rubbery.

The Pan Grilled Liempo is standard fare. Goes well with the sauce.

I normally avoid pinakbet but liked their Crispy Pinakbet because it was not too bitter and the veggies were cooked just right. Still with crunch and not mushy.

The Crispy Pata was my top favorite among the dishes. The skin was still crunchy even if the food was already cold because of all the picture taking we were doing before eating. The meat was also soft and moist not dry and hard. This is definitely one of the better crispy pata I have tried. Better than what some restaurant chains serve.

Their Crispy Kare-kare was also good. The veggies were again cooked just right, crunchy not mushy but I would like it better with less peanut butter taste. Rather than think Kare-kare when tasting the sauce, peanut butter comes out first.

I normally avoid bangus because of the unpleasant after taste some has. Their Bangus Sisig definitely did not have any unpleasant aftertaste.

The Sizzling Pork Sisig is standard fare and would like it better with more soft pork fat 

I always look for that ‘distinctive’ banana essence or vanilla extract in Sago’t Gulaman. Their version didn’t have any but was still ok. Just the right level of sweetness.

That ‘distinctive’ taste missing in their Sago’t Gulaman was surprisingly present in their version of Ice Scramble. Definitely sweeter than the Sago’t Gulaman but still not too sweet.

Parking is an issue so if you’re bringing a vehicle, find a parking spot nearby and just walk to the place.


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