Renting in Iloilo City? These 5 Food Eateries May be Near You

The City of Iloilo is a vibrant metropolis shaped by history, culture, delicacies, and unique people. Hailed as the first Queen City of the South, Iloilo City is a favorite destination for vacations and business pursuits. Many people from all over the Philippines and abroad visit Iloilo City to experience its beautiful culture and environment.

Iloilo City also hosts business and lifestyle centers with several corporations and residential areas. People moving into the city look for homes accessible to various establishments offering various services, goods, and food.

If you’re renting a place in Iloilo City, take a look at these five dining spots that may be near your future home:

Deco’s at the La Paz Market

La Paz Batchoy is Iloilo’s most popular and well-loved dish. The savory pork noodle soup is widely available in marketplaces, food stands, and fancy restaurants. But if you want to taste authentic batchoy, head over to Deco’s at the La Paz Market.

Deco’s serves delicious batchoy for just Php 90 per bowl and puto (steamed cake) for Php 13. It is the best budget-friendly spot to have lunch or merienda for people living in an apartment for rent Iloilo. It is also a must-visit eatery for people looking for a nearby restaurant from their house and lot for sale in Iloilo City.

Madge Cafe

Modern coffee shops have a minimalist or naturalistic interior that millennials and Gen Z love. But in Iloilo City, the premier coffee shop locals consider the best is Madge Cafe at the La Paz Public Market.

At first glance, Madge Cafe might seem like a canteen or carinderia (local food stall with chairs). But what brings people into the coffee shop is its native Arabica coffee brewed traditionally for only Php 25 a cup! Patrons of the cafe recommend adding evaporated milk to your coffee and coupling it with ibus, a native sticky rice dish.

Punot: Flavors of Modern Iloilo

Iloilo City is a hub of various seafood types. Satiate your cravings for different seafood recipes at Punot: Flavors of Modern Iloilo. The restaurant stretches 1.2 kilometers along the Riverside Boardwalk at the Iloilo Esplanade. Its location makes it a romantic spot for seafood lovers and renters looking for a food trip adventure.

Punot’s signature and best-selling dishes include Estancia Chowder, Pomelo Balignon, and Chicken Inasal Ceasar. Don’t forget to order their fresh seafood appetizers: tanigue kinilaw (raw seafood dish) and shrimp kinilaw.

Breakthrough Restaurant

Another fresh seafood spot you go to is Breakthrough Restaurant at Villa Arevalo District. This restaurant presents a wide array of fresh seafood dishes. It also boasts live aquarium displays housing colorful fishes, shellfish, and crustaceans.

Iloilo City’s home renters should try Breakthrough’s baked scallops, oysters, grilled fish, spicy crabs, buttered shrimps, and kinilaw. People allergic to seafood may still enjoy Breakthrough’s alfresco dining overlooking the sea because the restaurant also offers chicken, beef, and pork dishes.

Tatoy’s Manukan and Seafood

Tatoy’s Manukan and Seafood is an iconic restaurant in Iloilo City spanning over 40 years. This homegrown eatery is famous for its roasted chicken, a native fowl marinated in coconut vinegar, local lime, and other spices. For a price of Php 300, Tatoy’s iconic, juicy, and tender roasted chicken can fee up to three people. 

Other than their iconic native chicken, Tatoy’s also offers grilled squid, baked scallops and oysters, steamed shrimps, and different fish dishes.

Iloilo City’s colorful cuisine sustains many business owners and people who need delicious and healthy meals every day. In addition, their cuisine is also a great way to learn more about a place. If you’ve recently moved into your new rental home in Iloilo, acquaint yourself with the city by visiting these dining spots and trying their various cuisines.


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