Buying a House and Lot in Lumina Tanauan

There are a lot of priorities when it comes to spending hard earned money but food & shelter are two of the most basic necessities. This is more so if you left your country to be an OFW.

Regarding shelter, although there maybe valid arguments for just renting, for most Filipinos, owning a home still seems to be the primary option.

When home ownership has been decided, condos have become quite popular in recent years. It can be an option other than a “regular” house & lot. If you don’t mind ‘high-density’ living, and having restrictions, rules, etc. that need to be followed, condo living can be an option for you.

But if you’re used to “doing your own thing” like owning a pet, choosing what you like to use for cooking (LPG, electricity, wood, etc) and want to continue to have those choices/freedom, then condo living may not be for you.

Once you’re decided on a house and lot, the next question is where. Most people want Metro Manila specially if they’re working in Metro Manila. Unfortunately most “good locations” in Metro Manila are priced quite beyond majority of working class “common people”. And if you don’t have any pressing reasons to locate your home in Metro Manila, choosing a location outside Metro Manila can be a welcomed option.

Many cities and towns outside Metro Manila offers conveniences and options that can rival or even be better than Metro Manila in some aspects. Pollution, traffic, flooding are some common complaints when living within Metro Manila.

There are a number of cities and towns in provinces not too far from Metro Manila that aren’t as congested, flood-prone, polluted as those in Metro Manila.

One such province is Batangas. Batangas definitely still has open areas and environmental issues like pollution and congested living conditions are less than most cities in Metro Manila.

Batangas is famous with its historical contributions/areas, lovely beaches. This is the place to be if you like traveling. Gifted with having beautiful beaches, Batangas also has a lot of diving spots located in Anilao Batangas and other parts of the province.

Among the progressive cities & towns in Batangas, why choose Tanauan? According to the Tanauan LGU website,

Tanauan City is home to scenic nature’s beauty, attractive investment opportunities, rich culture and historical heritage, superb adventure and vigorous industrialization. The natural wealth of its land and the dynamism and resourcefulness of its people pave the way to competitiveness, bringing the city to the crest of progress and advancement”

There are a number of national and local government projects that will enhance the competitiveness and desirability of Tanauan. Road building that will help reduce traffic and lessen travel time is an example.

Why invest in Lumina Tanauan?

According to Lumina,

Lumina Tanauan is 2km away from the heart of the City, 5minutes away to Market, Malls, Schools, Hospital, and Churches. Only 50mins away or 44km away from Manila. Walking Distance to Elementary Schools, Day Care Centers, Brgy. Hall and Brgy. Public transport. Lumina Tanauan is only 6-10minutes away to Bagsakan or Kalakalan-a vegetable market with a very low price and with 24 hrs transportation.”

“Tanauan City Batangas us one of the progressive towns in Batangas, from a rural town to a booming urban town because of continuous infrastructures, building establishment and manufacturing businesses.

Purchasing a property in Lumina Tanauan is a good investment because of its appreciating value quarterly. Lumina guaranteed the high quality of everyjuans homes and makes your life secure by our 24/7 guarded subdivision

For inquiries, you may contact our marketing officer through contact numbers 09209111479 & 09178012415.

Office address 2nd floor NDN Building Lumina Office San Roque Sto. Tomas Batangas”

If you want to know more about Lumina Homes in Batangas, check out their website, or call them for inquiries.


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  1. Affordability plus quality. I really love Lumina Tanauan!


  2. Juan Goals says:

    Its the best time to invest here in Lumina!


  3. Wow, worth to invest talaga sa Lumina


  4. Home Options says:

    Strategic location and super affordable talaga!


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