5 Advantages Of Bungalow Living


Bungalow houses offer the serenity and charm of suburban living and these five advantages to potential homeowners.

For many homebuyers, space and comfort are essential facets of their dream homes. For this reason, some choose at least two-story homes or luxurious mansions to accommodate their need for privacy, style, and desire for open spaces.

While homes with two or more floors offer many benefits to future homeowners, single-story houses, such as bungalows, surprisingly present other advantages to prospective homebuyers. If you need convincing on what those perks are, here are five of them:

Easy Mobility

Since bungalows only have one floor, they allow for easy mobility. For example, if you have elderly parents suffering from painful joints and other health issues, bungalows let them move around with lesser risk of cracking any bones or feeling tired. Plus, when you go out for errands or work, you won’t have to worry about leaving your elderly loved ones alone. They can move around different rooms and get what they need safely.

The easy mobility of bungalow houses is also ideal for children to play around without hurting themselves. With the lack of stairs, your kids are less likely to fall and get injured. Plus, you won’t have to invest in pricey baby gates to keep your kids from hurting themselves.

Open-plan Designs

Compared to other house designs, bungalows utilize a simple, open-plan design that provides a welcoming environment. For example, a few foreclosed bungalows in Parañaque and Lipa, Batangas, offer expansive gardens for children to play in and other members to relax and enjoy nature. Some bungalow houses also have doors that connect to the outdoor area seamlessly. With the kitchen and dining area connected to the outdoors, barbecue parties and family celebrations will be more fun and intimate.

Easier To Maintain

Since you’ll only have one floor to clean and tidy up, bungalows are easier to maintain than homes with multiple stories. Cleaning rooms will almost be a breeze because you won’t have to bring your vacuum cleaner and basket of cleaning tools up and down the stairs. With the open-layout designs, you’ll somehow multitask in cleaning since you could clean your living room and dining room at the same time.

Amenable To Additions

Due to their spacious layouts, bungalows are flexible when it comes to additions and alterations. For example, you can build a private swimming pool in your backyard so you won’t have to leave your home for summer vacations. Your garden space can be a multipurpose outdoor area where you and your family can enjoy sports, games, and get-togethers.

Depending on your bungalow’s design, you might even consider extending its square footage and height. Adding a second or third floor is ideal, especially if you plan to build more bedrooms for your growing children or rent it out as a summer vacation home.

High-demand Reselling Value

The quaint environment and flexibility of bungalows make them a sought-after property type. Should you decide to sell your bungalow home, expect to receive many inquiries from interested buyers. Plus, with your additional constructions, the market value of your bungalow may also increase. Upload your listings on Lamudi Philippines’ platform so that your property for sale will be able to reach the right audience.

Despite having single floors, bungalows offer space, comfort, safety, and privacy to homeowners. Consider these five advantages, and you might just want to invest in your first one-story suburban home.







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