PrimaDuck, Premium Peking Duck Meat

I recently received a package from Primaduck containing some of their products made from duck.

Who/What is Primaduck?

Primaduck produces and markets farm-fresh, world-class, and locally produced Peking duck meat.” – from their website

I have not eaten duck as frequently as pork, chicken, beef & other “more easily accessible” meats.

Prior to receiving their package, I was not even aware that processed duck meat products are now quite accessible and affordable.

Are the products from Primaduck safe? Are they made with consistency and food safety in mind? Who owns Primaduck?

EDL Agritourism Farm Inc., Primaduck’s mother company, invested in modern technologies for housing and meat processing facilities that ensure the quality and sustainable production of duck meat in the country.” – from their website

In the next few days, I will be trying out their products in as simple and basic manner as possible. No fancy recipes.

I will be posting my experiences with Primaduck products in and and provide a summary in a blog post later.

If you want to tryout their products as I do, go to and order 🙂


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