More Than Meat


Although Bulgogi means “fire meat”  and is cooked with beef, pork and chicken, there is a corner at Bulgogi Brothers that is dedicated to serving seafood to provide guests variety.

There are four choices in the Seafood Corner and each comes with 6 refillable side dishes available for dine-in, delivery and take-out.

You’ll delight in the Clams and Scallops   and Marinated Squid both served with sides of sweet potatoes, white onions and garlic confit.

Then there’s King Prawns with sides of sweet potatoes, white onions, enoki mushrooms and garlic confit.

If you want a bit of everything in one order Bulgogi Brothers recommends the Seafood Platter, filled with prawns, clams, scallops and squid and served with all those delicious sides.

 Next time, you, your friends and family are craving for different dishes, be they meat or seafood, there’s Bulgogi Brothers to satisfy your food longing.
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