First eat out since COVID-19 restrictions

When the restrictions due to COVID-19 started, I basically stayed put in MOA area and never ventured out and just ate food I cooked.

I needed to register my car so I had to leave and go to Kapitolyo LTO. To maximize the trip, I also brought some things to the rented condo at Ortigas and ‘retrieved’ some food and drinks I left there prior to COVID-19. I also had my car checked up at a shop nearby.

While the car was being checked/fixed I decided to drop by the grocery store nearby and see if there are things I need/want that I can buy there.

One of the places to eat near the grocery store is Jollibee. When I initially inquired, I was told all dine-in slots were full/occupied.

I brought the stuff I bought back to the car, went back to browse/buy some hardware stuff and my favorite ‘coffee additive’, coffee liquor. I had to make-do with 2 bottles since that was all they had.

When I went back to Jollibee, there were available dine-in slots so I ordered a double patty burger steak with Sarsi. I normally just order single patty, no drinks but I probably felt more tired and hungry than usual. Burger steak is my go-to item whenever I go to Jollibee.

After getting my order, I went up the 2nd floor where dine-in area was located. The total seating capacity of this branch had been reduced to about a dozen seats. The whole first floor was converted just for ordering and waiting area for takeout.

Within a few minutes I have consumed the food and drinks I ordered and was satisfied with it. I, of course, would have preferred more sauce as usual but didn’t order additional (I didn’t know it can be ordered separately)

Overall the experience was satisfactory albeit a bit sad since this is the first time I have seen how hard food businesses have been hit by the current crisis. We all maybe aware that the current situation have been hard on a wide variety of businesses but experiencing/seeing it personally makes it more real.


Jollibee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!


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