ShopSM goes live!

I have been shopping online before it became popular here in the Philippines. The only reliable & trusted one was US based so I had to use a US address and then have it delivered to my local address. It was quite a long and involved process.

A few years ago, some locally based companies started to do online retailing. They seemed to have done well and a number of brick and mortar retailers have gone online too.

Now, SM, the leading retail group in the Philippines has launched their own

I needed a barong for a wedding so I decided to try and get one via

It was quite easy to search for one though there were limited options available.

I wanted to have it picked up at MOA but encountered issue re adding credit card information. The user interface is not as intuitive as it can be. I posted a query via the email helpdesk.

Since I needed the barong ASAP, I decided to just have it delivered to me COD. The transaction pushed through quickly.

It was already the holidays so I had to wait until it is over. A day or two after the holidays, I got the advice to expect delivery and a few days after got my ordered item.