Southside Grill Almanza, Las Piñas

[2019-May-17] The directions on how to go to the Southside Grill seemed easy enough. Just go to ‘a well known mall’ then on a street opposite the mall, you may walk or opt to take a ride going in the direction of the restaurant. Me, being someone who looks at walking as an exercise opted to walk. While walking, one can’t help but think “Am I on the correct street?” since it doesn’t seem to be a place for restaurants and the like. A few more steps and I saw some restaurants and felt more confident.

Before I saw Southside Grill’s facade I saw a motel right across it. So to make the directions “clearer” adding “proceed until you see a motel on your right, then you’ll see Southside Grill on your left”, might help quite a bit, hehe.

Upon coming in you’ll get the feel of the usual ‘hole in the wall’ vibe. Kind of you can just let your hair down and chill.

Speaking of letting your hair down and chill, this place offers cocktails too. When I asked if they have a flaming drink they said they have but unfortunately they ran out of stock of some ingredients. I then asked if they have any coffee based cocktail and they said they do, Black Russian. So that what I requested as my drink instead.

Southside Grill serves a variety of food. Veggies, skewers, sisig, cheese sticks, and many more.

They serve salmon too.

And of course chicken …

Shrimp AND CRABS!!!


For those who like kangkong, they have that too.

And fried ‘butsi’…

My top favorite is the crab in aligue sauce, I think it was called ‘Heart Attack’ or something like that. The other crab dish was crab in Singaporean sauce, sort of sweet/sour/savory taste. The shrimps were tasty and tender and I liked them too but not as much as the ‘Heart Attack Crabs’

They have unli crabs for 550 but we were not able to try it. We were told that the crabs for that are the same type but smaller than those used for the crab dishes per order.

Of course we had a group photo with our host 🙂IMG_20190517_171123

BTW, did you notice the crab on Southside’s signage/logo?, hehe

Southside Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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