Boy Kanin at 6 years

[2019-Mar-30] I went to the franchising event/convention at SMX and got to meet ‘Boy Kanin’ himself. The Boy Kanin booth was the only 2 story structure in the convention.

Boy Kanin is now on their 6th year and is continuously introducing new products to their existing offerings.


And will soon offer an unli-rice option for some meals – for sizzling sisig, chicken pinoy bbq and sizzling liempo.


I love rice but I began to avoid eating rice when I started to gain weight. I used to eat as much as I can without any weight gain but sadly it was not forever (walang forever?, haha).

The pork and chicken skewers were both tender, not dry and had strong flavors. The sisig was also good and without any tough or inedible bits. I would prefer the liempo skin & fat to be more tender though. The liempo meat was tender and flavorful but I like tender and/or crispy pork skin and fat (tender in this case)

I particularly like their version of the suman. Most suman versions still had the rice retain their shape and with some effort you can separate the individual pieces of rice (why someone would do that I do not know). Boy Kanin’s version is more like ‘grounded rice cubes’ which I liked too. Easy to eat since it is smaller and easier to handle than the usual suman shapes/sizes. I ate the suman first as-is and it was good enough without any sugar/latik/etc. The second piece I ate with some brown sugar and paired it with their coffee.

I forgot to take pictures of their ‘salabat’. It was strong enough that you’ll know it is salabat but mild enough that you won’t need to suppress coughing every for every gulp . It has added citrus flavors that blended well with the ginger flavors.

Affordable Filipino food with rice is what  Boy Kanin wants to be able to provide everyone.  So far, they seem to be able to do that well.

Boy Kanin is always on the look out for partners with similar visions. For more information check out  Boy Kanin Website and/or their Boy Kanin Facebook Page / Boy Kanin Instagram

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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