[Burnt Bamboo] & Cargo Fish Ugong, Pasig City

[2018-11-28] If my memory serves me right, this is my first time to feature a 2-in-1 restaurant. It is Cargo Fish AND Burnt Bamboo. The familiar menu items of Cargo Fish plus the new menu items of Burnt Bamboo expands the food choices.

This is the second Cargo Fish and the first Burnt Bamboo. They are located at City Golf Plaza. Parking before 5pm seemed not an issue but around 6pm or later needs assistance already. It is a bit separated from the usual haunts in the area but worth the effort. If you’re looking for a place for drinking, eating and/or ‘chilling’/relaxing not necessary in that order, this is definitely a place to do it. They opened just TODAY.

One item that made a lasting impression is the sisig. If you like to have it served smoking/sizzling, better be on a table with good airflow. It literally is smoking and the smoke is quite pungent and can trigger coughing spells 🙂

Their nachos makes use of potato chips, so it you like potato chips, you’ll like this.

We basically were able to try all the Burnt Bamboo items that we want to try.

I forgot to sample the chicken feet aka ‘adidas’, hehehe.

Some of the Cargo Fish Items we were able to try …

I normally do not eat rice so I opted to get salad with my order rather than rice. I liked it, just the right levels of flavors that I like. Not too sweet.

Click the link on the first Zomato link below (with rating and votes) for more photos 🙂
Burnt Bamboo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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