Social Media Week Manila 2018 SMX Aura Taguig

[2018-11-16] For almost half a decade, I have been almost 100% absent in social media. Not even greeting friends & family ‘happy birthday’ via social media. Even before I retired, my use of social media is sporadic at best. I started to be more active when I created and started updating my Zomato account. At the prodding of my daughter, I then created an Instagram account (left it dormant for weeks, before posting on a more or less regular basis). I started to slowly be active in Facebook again, created a second Instagram account for non-food related photos, and the latest is the creation of this blog (again at the prodding of my daughter)

When someone in our group asked who wanted to attend the Sosical Media Week Manila 2018 at SMX Aura, I was one of those who said yes.


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