Ono Hawaiian Burgers & BBQ McKinley Hill Taguig

[2018-11-26] One P2P ride from Magallanes MRT Station. The P2P San Lorenzo to McKinley station is a few steps away from the mall adjacent to the MRT station. There is a bus stop right beside the Venice Piazza mall. This is the better route to Venice Piazza/McKinley Hill.

Ono is located right beside Cobalabamba.

My top 3 Favorites among the food I was able to sample.

Ono Hawaiian Burger – I didn’t like the Hawaiian burger version of the popular locally grown burger place but I definitely like this one. The version I did not like had the pineapple taste somewhat too prominent for me. This version somehow achieved a happy balance between the sauce, pineapple and beef. The grilling of the pineapple probably helped in toning down its normally strong flavors. BTW, the burger is normally served whole, not quartered as what is shown in some of the photos.

Onion Rings – Eat it while its hot. It is good by itself but if you like spicy, eat it with the dip!

Bacon Chips – The vinegar dip was great. The bacon chips were crispy and delicious but somehow the bacon flavor was subdued(very mild for me). It would be nice to have a ‘smoked bacon’ variant with strong bacon flavor 🙂

I have a weakness for ‘chichirya’. And the last two items I listed above falls in that category (well, they are like snack foods for me)

We were also served Aloha wings but unfortunately I was not able to have a piece of it 😦

The burgers are served with fries which seemed bigger than those served by the 2 major burger chains and tasted better too.

The rice meals were all ok specially the rice. The rice was deliciously flavored but not to the point that it will overshadow the dish that it was served with.

Pork Belly Ribs

Huli Huli Chicken – This is the more familiar sweet BBQ/roasted chicken taste.

Hamburger – The basic burger.


Lemon Grass Chicken Sewers – This is a bit on the sour side than sweet/savory. Those that uses vinegar/calamansi/lemon as dip/dip ingredient will like this.

Cookie Smores – The less sweet of the two desserts served. I like the crunchy marshmallow. Better eaten upon serving.

Bread Pudding – Sweeter than the smores but not too sweet like some other desserts I have tried. Also better eaten ASAP before the ice cream melts.

Aside from not being able to taste the Aloha Wings (my fault, not paying attention) and the more sour than savory chicken skewers (not bad but I prefer more toned down sour flavor), it was a pleasant dining experience overall.


Ono Hawaiian Burgers & BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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