Ramen Daisho Pleasant Hills Mandaluyong

[2018-11-15] During the drive to Tiendesitas from a foodie meetup earlier in Capitol Hills, someone suggested that we all go to Ramen Daisho. The one who drove had mommy duties so she begged off. We hailed a cab right after the passenger alighted near Hypermarket. The smelled deliciously of French fries. A female in the group commented about the delicious smell and the others agreed. Upon hearing the comment, the cab driver said his passenger gave him the fries and offered some to us. Initially all declined but later the female who commented first relented and actually consumed all of the fries!, hehehe. Fortunately, the driver still had a drink and burger for himself 🙂

After a little over an hour (it was predicted by an app to supposedly take only 25 minutes), we arrived at our destination

What we ate :

Large Tonkotsu Ramen – I would consider the broth as light but tasty. The Chasu pork slice is thin and less tender compared to some but was still ok. I know it is not healthy but I still like a generous amount of fat on the pork slice. Those who prefer lean meat would like the pork slice since the fat is very minimal.

Gyoza – It had a very mild spicy taste on top of the normal gyoza flavor. I can eat it w/o sauce but admittedly goes better with it.

Tempura Tower – For those that prefers the batter to have little or no flavor (so the shrimp/prawn flavor remains the focus), this tempura version is for them. For me, as long as it tastes good mild or strong batter flavor is ok. For this version, I preferred to eat it with the sauce/dip.

The 3 items ordered were good enough for 3 people to share. It was a good dining experience courtesy of the foodie friend who suggested to eat here and also sponsored the meal 🙂

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