Chubs Chasers Bago Bantay Q.C.

[2018-10-22] I arrived early and had some hot clam chowder soup at another place nearby while waiting so I am primed for a good meal. When I was informed we were going to this restaurant I viewed the information in (plus other sites too, but I normally check Zomato first) to find out what type of restaurant it is and what food is recommended. Being a carnivore (omnivore to be more precise since I also eat delicious food other than meat, but have a preference for steaks), I was delighted when steaks were among the recommended items.

Here are some highlights for some of the items we were able to try:

Chubby Platter includes T-Bone, Pork Steak, Country Fried Chicken, Salisbury Steak, and Hickory Ribs with choice of 5 steamed rice or 5 mashed potatoes (my choice) plus 2 sides -> Of the meats included here, I liked the ribs the most, tender and tasty. For those that would like to sample the items included, there is a ‘sexy’ option (most items have ‘sexy’ & ‘chubby’ options). This will allow you to have a taste of the 5 items and be able to find out which ones you like more so you can order more of that either next time or on the spot 🙂

Sirloin Steak served with steamed rice or mashed potato, string beans, roasted tomato, divine gravy and crispy garlic -> Though this tasted good, the tenderness was not consistent. One bite was tender & easy to chew, the next was not as good. I have tried 2k small serving size sirloin steak from other restaurants and the ‘good tender parts’ were as good as that but the inconsistency ruins the experience

Bacon rollup – carrots & chilies rolled up in bacon with balsamic sauce -> Listed as an appetizer but nothing prevents you from ordering several and having it as a main dish. I like it and can eat it w/o rice or side dishes.

We also tried the Caesar Salad (the greens were fresh & crispy), Green Salad (not a fan of Balayan Sauce), Pesto Malungay & Lasagna (made for Filipino taste so a bit sweet), Creamy Cajun Pasta (mild taste so not for those that prefers strong flavors), Country Fried Chicken (crispy skin and tender moist meat)

It was an overall good eating experience and I would like to come back to try out some of the other meats I haven’t tried yet.

Chubs Chasers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoView my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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